Sunday, August 8, 2010

Staying in Venice

Only three months until the next trip to Venice. This time it will be for a month. A whole month! We can't wait. We know it's going to be cold, wet, rainy, misty, foggy, flooding. But we don't care. It's a month in Venice.

The flights and the accommodation are booked. We're treating ourselves to business class flights and we've used the same organisation for the apartment - LuxRest Venice. Barbara Carron was so helpful in finding somewhere that suited our needs. She did the same a couple of years ago when we organised an apartment not far from St Marks. The reason I mention Luxrest specifically is their commitment to finding something that works for you. Other apartment websites simply expect you to go through their websites and look at every single apartment. To me that's the easy way out. I want to list requirements (i.e. be on/look out to a canal) and have the estate agency actually do the work! Then I'll go on a website and check out all their suggestions. And Barbara's suggestions have been good in the past. We hope the next apartment - this time in San Croce - will work well for us.

Here's some photos taken from the last apartment:

Revisiting Venice XII

Revisiting Venice XVI

And here's the link on Luxrest if you're travelling to Venice and want an apartment in the heart of the city, a hop, skip and a jump from St Mark's Square: Ca'Francesca where these photos were taken from.

When we get to Venice in a few months I'll be blogging regularly. Then you can see photos from our next apartment! We actually didn't have San Croce in our top three sestieres but it's where we've ended up. I've been playing around on Google to get a feel for where the next apartment is. We are thinking it's somewhere around here. Excellent!