Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still dreaming of Venice

Somedays you don't need a title

We've been back in Sydney for weeks and I think of Venice every day.  It doesn't help I'm still going through the 5,000 photos I took during our month there.  I look at the photos and remember that particularly day, what we did, what we saw, and how happy we were in La Serenissima.  It's so hard to come back to reality when you're daydreaming of a fantasy land on the other side of the world. It really is heaven.  A magic place.

And even though we're no longer in Venice I've decided to keep this blog going with some journal entries.  Share the experience with those who read this blog through my Flickr link or just finding it on a web search.

Around the back canals

And I'm going to keep playing around with the thousands of photos I took on our last trip to Venice.  I've been using Adobe's Lightroom to come up with enhanced photos, sometimes I little "out there" but I like how many of them turn out.  Appeals to my creative side, I guess.  I never used to do much with my photos apart from crop them or tweak a colour but when we were in the apartment in Venice I had time to play with the program.  I'm enjoying enhancing them and loading them on my Flickr page. I love being on Flickr, such a wonderful community of talented photographers.  Their feedback over the years has helped develop my own style and influences.  But I digress....

I've decided to put the journal and the photos together in a book.  Will make such a change from a standard photo album.  There's soo many programs now available online so I'll explore a bit and see what works for us.  I've had several suggestions from my Flickr friends to do a photographic book of Venice but I can't see that ever coming off.  Maybe one day I'll be discovered or asked to have my photos in a beautiful coffee table book, but being in the world of publishing, I can't see it selling that many copies!!! 

Gondola on the Grand Canal

I also believe that anyone can take a good photo in Venice.  It's a photographer's dream.  Actually, it's a dream.  Fullstop.